PrEP availability online in the UK.

PrEP can be bought online and imported into the UK easily and without breaking any laws.

The UK allows anyone to import a ‘personal amount’ of pharmaceutical drugs. A ‘personal amount’ is up to 3-months’ worth.

UK Customs officers have told us:

  • they are not interested in stopping shipments of (legal) pharmaceutical drugs for investigation
  • they do not add customs charges.

Very rarely, import tax might be put on your PrEP delivery.

Generics are much cheaper

Various online pharmacies or chemists sell generic versions of PrEP for a greatly reduced price (around 85% less) compared to the branded Truvada pills, which are produced and sold by Gilead Sciences Inc.

Prescription or no prescription?

Some online pharmacies selling generic PrEP will ask you to upload a prescription for the meds after you’ve placed your order, but others won’t.

This depends on which country they are based in.

The law in some countries require the seller of certain pharmaceutical drugs to ask for a prescription issued by a doctor, wherever the prescription is from.

Companies that operate in places where laws do not require a prescription to be uploaded provide the most affordable and convenient way for people in the UK to get PrEP.

The selling process is not covered by UK law: that only covers what you’re importing into the country.

It does not matter if an online pharmacy asks you to upload a prescription or not; this does not show how reputable or trustworthy that company is.