PrEP Chats

Leading PrEP activist Phil Samba teamed up with Leon Lopez of Brown Boy Productions to create a series of #PrEPchats clips featuring men of colour talking about PrEP.

Here is the first instalment of the campaign. Five incredible men share their experiences of using PrEP: why they started using it, what it means to them and how they have benefited from using this very exciting HIV prevention tool.

Keep a look out for additional content in the coming days. We have a series of panel discussions dealing with myths and misconceptions, intimacy and expectations and finally sex and love.

iwantPrEPnow is very proud to support this project with funding from Elton John AIDS Foundation.


Andrei heads up an International Franchise Division for a British fashion retailer. He was born in Barbados and raised in the UK with family of British, Bajan and Indian origin.

Andrei aspires to help others by relating his experiences to theirs and is a firm believer that there need to be more BAME voices and role models that reflect both our present and future generation, in order to break down all barriers to inclusiveness.


Duane is a Filipino-born, UAE-raised and London-residing set designer who hates being asked where he’s from.

He has found his home within London’s growing ballroom community, where the experience and power of Queer People of Colour (QPoC) is at the centre of its ethos. He believes that this social model built by and for QPoC is something that can be practically replicated in smaller scales across youth centres in areas where young, at-risk queer people are socially, politically and physically marginalised.


Blaize is a marketing communications professional and freelance musician based in London.

British-born of Afro-Guyanese descent, Blaize‚Äôs aim is to raise awareness to the concept that blackness and queerness are limitless, and the intersections of these identities should not be seen as a source of shame, but a source of power to be harnessed and utilised within our lives.


Phil Samba is a British-born Sierra Leonean writer, activist and PrEP advocate who works in the HIV and sexual health sector.

He believes there needs to be more positive and honest visibility and representation of men of colour and aims to do this through his work.


Fahad is a South Asian queer man. He is interested in the politics of representation and visibility and would like to see queer culture better depict the diverse narratives that make up our community.