Where to buy genuine generic PrEP.

Your options

iwantPrEPnow signposts three ways to purchase your own PrEP. The sales interaction is exclusively between you (the buyer) and the company/service providing the product (the seller).

Most people in the UK who would like to use PrEP will be eligible for free NHS PrEP .

Option one: Buying PrEP online from an overseas seller

There are many online PrEP suppliers. PrEPster independently tested all of the overseas PrEP signposted on this page. The results showed no evidence of fake PrEP in any of the samples obtained across the summer of 2018.

Option two: Buying PrEP in person

In addition to providing free NHS PrEP, John Hunter clinic also offers PrEP for sale through their pharmacy. This is possible through an Additional Private Care scheme – the standard NHS clinic services (such as HIV and STI tests) are free, but you have to pay for the PrEP. This is a face to face service and you will need to attend the clinic in person.

Please note: this service is only for people who do not meet the eligibility criteria for free NHS PrEP but would still like to access PrEP.

Option three: Buying PrEP online through a UK regulated pharmacy

Chemist-4-U offers PrEP through an online doctor service. You request a private prescription online and their doctors will review and assess your request. If deemed suitable your order will be approved and shipped. If their doctor thinks PrEP might not be for you they will refer you to speak with a doctor via email who will be able to help and establish if a prescription can still be issued.

Please note iwantPrEPnow and THT Direct do not deal with order enquiries. Please contact the seller directly.

General buying advice

If buying overseas PrEP, try to order at least one month before you run out or need it. While some sellers are often able to deliver in one to two weeks, delays sometimes occur.

Delivery times are usually given in working days or business days, which do not include weekends. So, remember to add in Saturday and Sunday when you work out when your PrEP is due to arrive.

If paying in US dollars, consider buying on a week day. Banks fix exchange rates over the weekend to protect themselves, so rates will always be less favourable over a weekend.

PrEP Facts Facebook group

For more information on PrEP, you can join the PrEP Facts Facebook group and post your enquiry there. It’s an information, education and support forum. Please note PrEP Facts is prohibited from hosting discussions on the purchase of online PrEP. These are Facebook guidelines and as such PrEP Facts will not permit posts about the buying or selling of PrEP in their group. Please respect these rules. PrEP Facts is not affiliated with any PrEP sellers.

List of sellers:

Green Cross Pharmacy – £19 per month – Tenof-EM (when ordering a 3 month supply)

You do not need to upload a prescription for orders to the UK.

Orders to other countries may require a prescription.

Green Cross Pharmacy key services and procedures:

  • Sources drug directly from manufacturer. This ensures that the drug is genuine and removes the need for ongoing TDM.
  • Provides a prompt and PrEP user-focused customer service. All customer queries should be directed to: orders@greencrosspharmacy.online

Paying for your PrEP:

  • Payment is by bank transfer, Bitcoin or credit card. Full details on their site.

John Hunter Clinic – £20 per month (30 tablets)

You can purchase PrEP in person from John Hunter clinic in Chelsea, London. You will be required to complete some paperwork before John Hunter clinic will prescribe you PrEP. You will need to visit John Hunter clinic and inform them that you want to buy from ‘PrEP Shop’. After your appointment you will need to email ‘PrEP Shop’ with your details and order. You will receive a reply once your order is ready to collect. This usually takes a few days.

Please note this is not an online or postal service. You have to visit the clinic to register for this service. Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, patients are requested to make an appointment by phone rather than walk-in.  For more information visit the John Hunter clinic website.

All Day Chemist (£40 per month)

You do not need to upload a prescription. You can bypass the request for prescription at the point of purchase.

Tips on the purchase process

  • All Day Chemist have reliable and steady stock levels.
  • The site can be viewed, accessed and purchased from outside the UK.
  • ADC do not accept any card payments for new customers; existing customers can still make card payments.
  • You can pay by wire or bank transfer.
  • The price listed above is based on a 3 month order including package and postage.
  • Prices are in US dollars and so the price in GBP may vary slightly depending on the current exchange rate. See breakdown below:

1 months supply = $47 USD or £36 GBP per month
3 months supply = $142 or £108
Delivery to the UK costs $15 or £11 and takes 7-14 business days

In House Pharmacy (£48 per month)

You do not need to upload a prescription.

In House Pharmacy prices are higher than most other sellers. As with the others, we have fully verified that they are a reliable supplier of PrEP.
1 month supply = £61
3 months supply = £143
Delivery to the UK is free and takes 10-21 days

Pulse Clinic (£56 per month)

Pulse Clinic offer 2 options of generic PrEP:

  • Ricovir-EM
  • Teno-EM.

We have had satisfactory TDM carried out on both drugs.

Tips on purchase process

  • Pulse Clinic requests lab results but we have negotiated this with them and you can purchase without these documents.
  • If possible, we encourage you to ask your sexual health clinic for copies of your results at your first quarterly full STI and HIV screening. (The clinic may charge a fee). You can send these to Pulse.
  • The site can be viewed, accessed and purchased from outside the UK.
  • The price listed above is based on a 3 month order including package and postage. A slower delivery, reduced price option is available on request.
  • Prices are in US dollars and so the price in GBP may vary slightly depending on the current exchange rate.

See breakdown below:
1 month supply = $60 USD or £48 GBP per month.
3 months supply = $150 or £120
Delivery to the UK costs $55 or £44 and usually takes 3 days

Chemist-4-U – £49 per month (30 tablets)

  • This is a regulated online/postal service which uses a medical questionnaire, evaluation by a doctor and a registered pharmacy to dispense PrEP.
  • You will need to create a patient profile which requires you to upload identification for verification of your account (takes less than five minutes).
  • You will need to complete the online PrEP consultation form (takes less than five minutes).
  • An online doctor will review then review and assess your request. If you are deemed suitable your prescription will be to the online pharmacist and they will ship your order to you.

Test purchases

In Summer 2018, samples of drug from the main PrEP sellers were tested by an independent laboratory. The drugs purchased from each website were tested using a blood test that detects the levels of active drugs Tenofovir (TDF) and Emtricitabine (FTC) that form the PrEP protection in the blood.

This test is known as Therapeutic Drug Monitoring or TDM.

Research reported the results of over 200 of those tests – and found no evidence of fake drugs.

We are therefore confident that these sellers are supplying PrEP that is safe and genuine.

Import taxes

Some PrEP users have told us that import taxes have been imposed on their order when it’s being delivered.

This doesn’t happen often, considering the large number of people ordering PrEP online in the UK and beyond.

An import tax is added by a government when an order arrives at their country’s customs border. In the UK, the tax covers the VAT lost when items worth more than a certain amount are bought abroad — this includes pharmaceutical drugs.

The UK Border Force imposes import tax at UK borders.

What happens when you’re taxed

If this happens to you:

  1. You will get a delivery card through your door telling you that the Royal Mail/courier has tried to deliver your order but there is a charge to be paid first.
  2. This charge is usually around 20% of the value of the order.
  3. You might also be charged a ‘clearance’ or ‘handling’ fee by the delivery company (Royal Mail, Parcelforce or DHL for example).
  4. The charge can be paid online or over the phone.
  5. Instructions on how to pay the charge will be on the card left by the delivery company.
  6. Once you’ve paid the charge, your order should be delivered without further questions and usually within 48 hours.


  • Import charges and regulations are country specific, so check the details for the country where your PrEP is being delivered.
  • Import tax is your responsibility, not the seller’s.